Coronavirus Update: Keeping You Informed

Coronavirus Update: Keeping You Informed2021-01-19T15:44:01+00:00

To Our Patients:

Here at National Allergy & ENT we are thankful for our patients and want to provide you with the best care possible regardless of the circumstances. We are open, available, and ready to help you. We are constantly updating our policies to best fit the environment, and we would like to remind you of policies already in place to keep you safe. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine please click here.

Face Masks:

Per CDC guidelines and state and local government recommendations, patients should wear a mask when leaving their home and in the practice. Homemade masks and/or scarves will be acceptable. If a patient does not have a mask, we will provide one.

Social Distancing:

We are still practicing social distancing at all of our locations. You will be met at the door by our staff for a temperature check and some routine questions, “Have you been exposed or in contact with anyone who has been exposed to Coronavirus?” etc. Our staff will escort you to an exam room. If there are no rooms available then you will be seated in the lobby, with 6 feet distance between you and anyone who may also be seated. If there is no room in the lobby then you will be asked to wait in your car, and our staff will call you once a room has opened up.

We ask that only the patient arrive to their appointment as we strive to limit the amount of people in the office. We understand that this might not be feasible for everyone, so we ask that you please call our office to inform us of any special circumstances. (843) 797-8162.
Those who arrive with a patient but are not being seen by a provider may be asked to wait in their car.


Our staff will be continuously wiping down and disinfecting our exam rooms and lobby, before, during, and after clinic. We have removed magazines and toys from our lobby and exam rooms.


In response to Coronavirus and the circumstances, we are now offering Telemedicine visits for all patients! To schedule a Telemedicine visit, we ask you please call us at (843) 797-8162.

As our office calls to confirm appointments, you will have the ability to schedule a Telemedicine appointment as opposed to cancelling if you do not wish to be seen in the office.

Injection (Immunotherapy) Patients:

Our shot hours will be variable over the next 2 months. We ask that you please schedule an appointment so that we can call you if our hours need to change. If you do not have an appointment, we recommend calling to confirm that we are giving shots.

The Lowcountry is our home and all of our patients are family here at National Allergy & ENT. We will get through Coronavirus, together. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.