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Research Studies | National Allergy & ENT Research has conducted research for over 25 years. We have participated in over 350 clinical trials studying conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria, and headaches. These trials have resulted in many publications.

Today our practice maintains one research site at our North Charleston, SC location. This site is designed to suit the data management needs of all types of studies with facility-wide data ports and networking capabilities in addition to patient treatment and waiting areas. Our location occupies a 2000 square foot facility dedicated to clinical research.

Most of our study volunteers come from within our clinical practice and database of past research subjects. We always welcome new volunteers to participate in our upcoming research studies. Please read below for more information about our research projects.

Featured Study of the Month

We are currently looking for adult patients with physician-diagnosed peanut allergy.

Please contact Jason for additional information at 843-576-7485.

Who may qualify.

The study is open to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Adults
  • Have a history of physician-diagnosed peanut allergy
  • Able to complete study visits at our North Charleston location

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Current Research Studies

Adult & Adolescent Peanut Allergy – Adults and adolescents who have physician-diagnosed peanut allergy

Adult Eczema – Adults who suffer from moderate-to-severe eczema

Pediatric/Adolescent Eczema – Adolescents and kids with 1 year history of eczema

Adult & Adolescent Asthma – Adults suffering from moderate-to-severe asthma

Adult Chronic Cough – Adults who suffer from chronic refractory cough

Pediatric Asthma – Pediatric patients who suffer from persistent asthma

Adult Chronic Itch – Adults who suffer from chronic itch

Adult Severe Asthma – Adults who suffer from severe asthma with recent exacerbation

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Survey Study

Please contact Jason at 843-576-7485 for more information.

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Upcoming Studies

We will be enrolling for these studies soon. Please contact Faye at 843-261-2222 if you would like more information

Adult Migraine

Adolescent Migraine

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